Propolis or “Bee Glue” is another honeybees products. Honeybees use it to build their hives and humans use it to “build” their bodies. Discover more below:

Colour: brownish with resinous texture

Source: trees and shrubs resin, pollen

Composition: includes resin / balsam, wax, essential oils, pollen being rich in amino acids, flavonoids, vitamins & trace minerals, etc.

possibly has many health benefits (for example: helps skin infections caused by fungus, bacteria and viruses; cleansing skin wounds and helps with other skin disorders such as acne and herpes; alleviates cold symptoms & respiratory tract infections; helps with gastrointestinal infections and ulcers, improve oral hygiene and sores, boosts immunity, etc.)

Usage: largely used in medicine (for topical ointments, solutions, injections, etc.), healthy food and beverages, for furniture to seal wood cracks, cosmetics, etc.

Storage: keep in a tightly closed container, preferably of glass, in a dark and dry place. Do not keep in the fridge.

Did you know that propolis is known as a natural antibiotic and is nicknamed “Russian penicillin”. Honeybees use propolis inside the hive to protect it from moisture, microbes and close the hive cracks and that is way propolis is also known as “bee glue”.

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