Bee Venom

Bee Venom is the poison made by honeybees and makes bee stings painful. Discover more below:

Colour: colourless liquid or when in form of dried power it is yellow-brownish crystalline mass

Source: honeybees venom glands

Composition: complex mixture of protein / enzymes, polypeptides, amino acids, etc. Might contain sugars / carbs if contaminated with nectar and pollen.

possibly has many health benefits (for example: alleviates allergic reactions to bee stings and boosts immune system, have effects on the peripheral nervous system, might help with rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and enthuses, etc. but the research is not conclusive)

Usage: only topically and largely used in medicine (in form of shots – known as Bee Venom Immunotherapy,  vaccines, for acupuncture, etc.), cosmetics as a moisturiser and anti-aging agent. D0 not used as at-home remedy !

Storage: in tightly closed glass containers avoiding sunlight, placed in dry and cool places

Did you know that Bee Venom is mostly water up to 88% and has a slightly acid pH (4.5 – 5.5) which means that for example a paste of baking soda with water can be applied to alleviate the honeybee sting ! And remember honeybees won’t sting unless they sense threat !

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