PrimSource connects you with nature and genuine local honey products!

Learn with PrimSource why, what and how of genuine honey & products, local artisan beekeepers and bee-friendly buzzy nature, with educational tips on benefits and limitations, use and so much more!

And not to forget delicious baking-with-honey tips and recipes!


What we aim to do?
bridge the gap between you and local producers / products, connect you with buzzy nature home to bees and share with you useful information and delicious baking tips

How we do that!
identify genuine honey products, local producers and  the buzziest regions, liaise with experts to collect useful tips and delicious recipes, and bring these together for you on PrimSource

How do we add value?
listen to you, search for you and bring this to you so that you can benefit from genuine products, useful information and tips — a win-win situation!