Bee Bread

Bee Bread or Fermented Bee Pollen is another honeybees products. Honeybees collect the pollen from flowers and place the pollen in the brood cells (cells for the honeybees larvae), mixing the pollen with their digestive fluid and nectar, and sealing the cell with honey. Discover more below:

Colour: usually dark yellow to dark brown

Source: pollen, honeybees digestive fluid and nectar / honey

Composition: includes protein, carbs, lipids, enzymes and antioxidants, vitamins including Vitamin K, trace minerals, etc.

less acidic
possibly has many health benefits (for example: helps digestive and hepatic system, lowers the level of cholesterol, eases atherosclerosis, improves skin tone, Improves appetite, helps with anaemia  and boosts immune system)
energy source!

Usage: due to its enhanced flavour and crispy taste, the bee bread can be added to soups, salads and even desserts such as ice cream – mmmmmm……!

Storage: keep in a tightly closed container, preferably of glass, in a dark and dry place. Do not keep in the fridge.

Did you know that bee bread is a fermented (bee pollen combined with honeybees digestive fluid which is rich in lactic acid induces fermentation) honeybees products and thus even more nutritious than for instance the bee pollen.

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