Flowers honeybees love the BEST!

Honeybees source the nectar from flowers – we all know that !
But did you know that honeybees do not visit any flower…..

So which flowers do honeybees love the best?!
Honeybees are definitely not guided by the same flowers standards as we are. We love roses, tulips, etc. being guided by the look and fragrance, whereas honeybees are crazy about wildflowers !!!

Yes – wildflowers and not only. They also love weeds such as dandelions, clovers, etc. and herbs such as rosemary, thyme and others.

So what do all these bee-friendly flowers have in common?

  • Full in sugary nectar
  • Full in protein-rich pollen
  • Have single flowers – for bees’ easiness to reach the nectar!
  • Have tubular shape

And most importantly bee-friendly flowers are white, yellow, blue or purple – these colours attract honeybees and not the red, orange and other bright colours. Also the fragrance of the flower is not of too much importance for honeybees.

The best is when these plants are planted in groups which allows to have pure single-plant honey! But if several plant groups are close to each other, this is not an issue – honeybees don’t mind.

So if you try to create a bee-friendly backyard, then plant bee-friendly flowers!

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