Acidic Honey!

We all know that honey (and at PrimSource we always refer to raw local honey) is a sweetener – but did you know how acidic is honey? And why it is important to know how acidic is honey?

Well – one reason is that human body is alkaline and this has to do with the pH balance (7 on a scale of 14 most alkaline and 1 is most acidic). This relates to the fact that human body is composed 70% of water and has an acid-alkaline balance. Whenever this balance is compromised many health issues emerge, we feel weaker and less energised physically and emotionally.

So how acidic is honey and why do we need to know that?

Honey acidity ranges from 3.4 to about 6.1 with an average of 3.9 which makes honey slightly acidic to almost neutral. To give you an idea of what that means – the pH of most foods we consume ranges between 2 and 7, whereas water and human body have a neutral pH of 7.

Due to its low acidity, honey:

  • inhibits the presence and also growth of microorganisms / microbes and therefore can be stored indefinitely
  • has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties because bacteria thrives in neutral and alkaline environments
  • can be used in combination with many foods, fruits and vegetables being a highly valued ingredient in “clean” food industry
  • is used in medicine / beauty / wellness
  • is an energy booster and helps our body to balance

It is important to know the honey acidity !!! so that you can properly match honey with your favourite dish or drink. And if you have a sour/acid sauce, dressing, juice, smoothie, etc. you can always add honey for a milder taste as honey “dilutes” the flavour and taste of acidic products.

Or if you use honey as a beauty product – check the honey acidity and your skin type to get the best results!

Or if you have an open wound use raw honey to clean the bacteria and help inflammation.

Or if you have a sore through, cough, etc. take some raw honey !

Or to balance your stomach acid !

Or ………. Many more!

Honey acidity is mostly determined by the flower nectar source and also by the harvest method.

So make sure you ask how acidic honey is when you buy your honey so that you know how to properly use it for best results!

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