Honey has a rich palette of colours and…. flavours

Honey colour is ranging from water white which is almost transparent and ending with dark amber. But did you know that the colour of honey can reveal its flavour and most importantly the nectar source ?!

Well let me explain more:

Actually to be precise there are seven colours defined for all the honey out there:

  • Water white
  • Extra white
  • White
  • Extra light amber
  • Light amber
  • Amber
  • Dark amber

The colour of the honey depends on the nectar source or the blossoms honeybees are visiting. And obviously the flavour vary which again reveals the nectar source and the honeybees’ environment.

For example in most cases light coloured honey (for example acacia or clover honey to name some) has a mild flavour whereas dark amber honey has a strong sometimes woody / earthy flavour (such as chestnut or buckwheat honey).

But this is not always the case and can happen that water white honey, for example basswood honey, has a strong flavour whereas dark amber honey, such as tulip poplar honey, has a milder flavour.

So what’s the real reason honey has the rich palette of colours and flavours?!

It’s chiefly related to the nectar source, the flowers the honeybees visit. So if you were to know the source of the honey nectar, you would be able to gauge its flavour! Isn’t that awesome!

At the same time there are several other elements that play a role in determining honey colour and flavour and these are:

  • Weather
  • climate
  • geographical area

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