Flower Honey

Most popular type of honey is the flower honey. This is the type of honey you will most often find in the stores, supermarkets and even local markets. Discover below:

Colour: ranges from pale yellow to golden brown

Nectar source: flowers (flower honey could be sourced from: (1) one single type of flower then it is a monofloral (unifloral or varietal) types of honey or (2) several types of flowers and then it is called multifloral (wildflower) honey)

crystallisation depends on fructose vs glucose ratio (when fructose > glucose à the honey remain liquid for longer)
great energiser!

Best use: depends on the source (some have a subtle taste and go with any dish, whereas others have an intense taste and should be consumed correspondingly)

Did you know that flower honey is the most commercialised type of honey, being heated and pasteurised. Check the source of the flower honey you purchase.

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