Acacia Honey

One of my favourites due to its mild taste, silky texture and advanced well-being properties. Discover below:

Colour: transparent to pale yellow

Nectar source: black locust tree flower

the least allergenic
crystallises slow
fructose > glucose ⇒ remain liquid for longer, sweeter, more water-soluble
glycemic index is low ⇒ slow absorption and digestion allowing for gradual and healthier infusion into the bloodstream
great energiser!

Best use: just raw, in cold drinks (cold! as high temperatures alter honey properties), warm dishes (without changing their taste).

Did you know that high quality acacia honey is rare and expensive? The reason is that it is difficult to source as the blossom time is in May only depending on the year and that honeybees bring the nectar to the same hive as the nectar sourced from other flowers requiring the beekeeper to be extra cautions when extracting acacia honey frames.

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