Forest Honey

Honeydew or forest honey, in comparison with flower honey, is collected from tree and not flower nectar. Discover below:

Colour: ranges from brown to very dark brown

Nectar source: trees

more anti-oxidants
less acidic
crystallisation depends on fructose vs glucose ratio (when fructose > glucose à the honey remain liquid for longer)
fructose > glucose
great energiser!

Best use: due its texture and flavour this dark gooey honey goes very well with dishes involving meat (e.g. beef) and cheeses enhancing their taste and scent.

Did you know that honey bees collect  the honeydew from the trees. The honeydew is the sweet excretion left by aphids (small insects) on the trees once they took all they need from the tree (aphids are looking for amino acids from the trees. Thus the black honey production actually involves more insects than the honey bees!

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