Bee Wax

Bee Was is a mass produced by honeybees that is being discarded in or at the hive. Discover more below:

Colour: initially it is a colourless liquid which, after mastication and mixing with pollen by the honeybee, becomes opaque yellow to brownish solid substance.

Source: honeybees abdominal segment glands and sourced by humans from the HoneyComb or BeeBread.

Composition: esters and fatty acids.

possibly has many health benefits (for example: lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, etc.) – but to be consumed in very small quantities and consulted with a medical doctor!

Usage: mostly external either in solid form (cold): in production (of candles having a pleasant honey scent, artist paints and as a polish for wood and leather, etc.), in cosmetics (as a lubricant, waterproof agent, etc.), pharmaceutics. Also it can be used in foods for coating cheese and other foods, etc. The Bee Wax can be used in liquid form (warmed up) for massage. Or the Bee Wax can be consumed in small qualities with honey or can be chewed as a gum.

Storage: in tightly closed glass containers with or without honey.

Did you know that honeybees use the Bee Wax to protect the hive cells where the honey is stored and the larvae is placed ! Also Bee Wax is highly inflammable being used in “clean” candles as it burns brighter, longer but does not pollute the air !

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