HoneyComb is a mass of BeeWax where honeybees place the larvae, store honey and pollen. It is a natural product made by the HoneyBees. Discover more below:

Colour: yellow to brownish depending on the nectar source.

Source: honeybees BeeWax, Honey & BeePollen or BeeBread.

Composition: see BeeWax, Honey and BeePollen

possibly has many health benefits (for example: see Honey, BeePollen, BeeWax)

Usage: consumed raw, added to dishes, desserts, your favourite chees plank – but do not warm up – enjoy raw !

Storage: in tightly closed glass containers without honey.

Did you know that HoneyComb has a hexagonal shape that is the perfect shape to use the material (Honey) more efficient as the honeybee needs to consume 8x more Honey to make 1x of BeeWax !  Thus don’t be surprised that pure & genuine HoneyComb is more expensive than the Honey itself.

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