Flower honey – tell me more !

The most common type of honey you can buy is flower honey – want to know more? Read below!

Flower honey, in comparison to for instance forest honey (honey dew), is made of the flower nectar that the bees collect from flowers. Flower honey is rich in nutritious elements, metals and trace elements. They tend to be lighter in colour than the forest honey.

Flower honey can be single (mono) flower – nectar is sourced from one type of flower


it can be multi (many) floral – nectar is sourced from a combination of flowers.

In reality the single or monoflower honey is scarce for that the bees visit many flowers to collect the nectar and they are not trained to visit a particular type of flower. It is up to the beekeeper to place the hives in the area with single flowers and collect the honey.

Thus always ask the beekeeper whether the honey is single (mono) flower or multifloral.

And enjoy your flower honey!


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