An Ode to  the – Forest honey

I  reckon it happened you’ve seen at the local market this dark almost black honey which tasted spicy and was gooey when chewing – well this is the Forest Honey!

The dark coloured honey is called the forest honey or honey dew. It is still made by honey bees BUT collected from trees and not flowers (nectar) as the conventional flower honey.

Some facts for you: honey bees collect  the honey dew from the trees. The honey dew is the sweet excretion left by aphids (small insects) on the trees once they took all they need from the tree (aphids are looking for amino acids from the trees). Thus the black honey production actually involves more insects than the honey bees!

But don’t be sceptical about the forest honey because in comparison with flower honey it is:

  • less sweet having more fructose and less glucose (also in relation to water ratio)
  • less acidic
  • resists crystallization
  • has more anti-oxidants
  • and more vitamins & minerals!

And also has more nutritional & therapeutic benefits, and has higher electrical conductivity – thus great for sporty among you – win-win-win!

Forest honey is also preferred by chefs because of its flavour. This dark gooey honey goes very well with dishes involving meat (e.g. beef) and cheeses enhancing their taste and scent. So next time you prepare your beef sauce, add some forest honey and you’ll notice the difference!

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