Crystallised honey HELP

You bought your raw, pure, sweet, delicious honey  and in no time it crystallised (granulated)?!

Well congratulations your honey is pure and raw! Crystallisation occurs only when honey is genuine.

Why does honey crystallise? Honey is a sweet liquid mainly formed of  carbohydrate and some water. Carbohydrate include fructose and glucose and the proportion of these vary per type of honey. Generally glucose is the main cause of crystallisation of your favourite honey.

What to do?  you could place the jar in warm water and stir until crystals are  dissolved. I don’t recommend placing the jar in the microwave though or follow any other advice you find on internet….

To avoid crystallization for longer make sure the honey is put in a proper jar, it is closed tight enough and is stored in  a cool location.

Enjoy your honey!

PrimSource team

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