Let’s make it official – PrimSource Story!

Here starts the journey of PrimSource – your primary source of local genuine honey products and baking-with-honey tips, connecting you with buzzy nature and local (honey) producers so that you can enjoy natural gifts!

Where does the idea come from? – from Cristina’s (founder) love for nature and delicious desserts with natural ingredients. And what’s better to satisfy the sweet tooth than pure raw honey! And not to forget all sweet desserts prepared with honey and honey products for which you can find the recipes on the website.

 PrimSource will connect you with another – bees – world, bee-friendly nature, local beekeepers, honey types and all other honey products. All these will be enhanced with baking-with-honey tips, how to use honey in beauty routine and well-being, and so much more related to bees, honey products and local producers!

PrimSource will help local (honey) producers to get visibility and be able to offer you their genuine products

– a win-win situation!

PrimSource is all about that feeling of being connected to the buzz in an innovative and creative way !


Discover and Enjoy with PrimSource!

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