Creamed honey – yummy!

You’ve all probably ever tasted creamy / creamed honey – which tastes btw dreamy!

But do you know that actually the original state of honey is liquid and in most cases the creamy “dreamy” honey is not raw, meaning it is filtered, pasteurised and it is just sugar.

Creamed honey is in most cases pale to white past. Commercial merchants would blend the granulated (crystallised) honey with liquid honey, heat it and whisk it until foamy and then cool it so that it settles. This process will result in a white or pale sticky substance that we at PrimSource would not call creamy honey.

Perhaps you are wondering can creamy honey be raw? Yes of course! You can buy it at the local and trusted beekeeper OR you can make your own creamy honey that will be as yummy and dreamy as you can imagine!

Curious how? Check our recipe page Creamy honey



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